Evan Kossman

Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration - Thomas Edison


The blog will be an extension of my passions. These include sports, gaming, app development, and whatever else I find interesting.


Graphic Designer

I have worked with various small businesses in their plans to increase their online profiles by designing and building their wesbites.



Host of the KossTalk podcast, Evan interviews indiviudals about their business interests, their entrepreneurial pursuits and their passions.

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A published iOS developer. I collaborated with a fellow student in the building of two applications: Cue Card Plus and Gradebook Plus

About Me

Who is Evan Kossman?

Toronto born and bred. A Graphic designer first and foremost. My designs have been used for published iOS apps, for various business interests, and most importantly, my personal enjoyment.

Graduate from

The University of Western Ontario

Major in

Computer Science

Class of


Favourite Sports Team

Toronto Maple Leafs

Favourite Video Game

Donkey Kong 64

Favourite TV Comedy

The Office

Favourite TV Drama

Breaking Bad

Favourite Movie

Get Him to the Greek

Let me introduce you to my passion project

On the KossTalk podcast, I interview people about their business interests, their entrepreneurial pursuits, and their passions. Guests we’ve had on include Richard Waters of Phantom Glass, Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Puck Daddy Blog, and Jon Corbin of Corbin Visual.

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Let’s Collaborate

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